Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16
Meagan Kurmel

Our reigning queen, Meagan Kurmel, would like to extend a great amount of thanks to all that have supported and helped her along her journey. She is absolutely over joyed to be able to represent such a wonderful group of people and promote our heritage!

After the excitement of being crowned Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-2016, Meagan attended many events including West Fest and Moravian Days. But an even larger surprise happened when Meagan’s long term boyfriend proposed! It’s a royal engagement! As you can see in the photos, Meagan was very surprised by Matthew and was even wearing her competition kroj during the proposal. So with the excitement and events to attend as Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-2016, Meagan and Matthew are excitedly preparing for their upcoming nuptials. They have set the date for early October 2016.

​​​​​​​​​​​​During her reign, Meagan plans to attend many state pageants and festivals. She has already met with a few dignitaries but hopes to meet with many more. Meagan would like to invite you all to follow her and the national Facebook pages to stay in the loop of all of the events and activities. She would like to incorporate the Czech and Slovak dignitaries in helping to grow and preserve the beautiful heritage she represents. Meagan is always hoping for suggestions of events she should attend or people she should meet. Please feel free to reach out.

During these festive times, Meagan is hurriedly preparing for Christmas including decorating her Christmas tree, baking delicious cookies and breads, and hiding the Christmas pickle! Meagan is hoping to start the conversation on the national page about what traditions you and your family share that
helps to make our heritage so special. Stay tuned in there and be sure to share your input!

Meagan would like to reach out to the alumnus of the Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant for help and assistance. If you know of anyone interested in pursuing an at-large candidate position, a state interested in beginning a pageant, or a group that would like to have Meagan present please contact

Merry Christmas! Veselé Vánoce! Veselé Vianoce!

Thank you! Dekuji! Dakujem!

Meagan Kurmel

Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-2016