Miss Czech-Slovak US 2013-14
Anna Hand
Congratulation to Anna Hand 2013, Miss Czech-Slovak US! Anna represented Kansas and was also awarded Americanized Kroj and Talent Runner-Up awards. Anna is proud of her Czech heritage (she is 50% Czech from her maternal family). Her family immigrated to the US in the late 1800’s from the villages of Hradec Kralove, Kutna Hora and Bila Hora.

Anna is ready for the responsibilities of being the national Czech-Slovak queen, “I thought I had woken up from a dream. I was in shock. To be honest I still can’t believe that it is real. It wasn’t until I was in Texas the next week and making my first appearance that it somewhat registered that I was Miss Czech-Slovak U.S. It meant so much to me that I was chosen to represent the Czechs and Slovaks of the U.S!”

Anna wants to utilize the title of Miss Czech-Slovak US to get young people excited and involved in their heritage. Anna is ready for the adventure, “I am so excited to be a role model for young Czech and Slovak girls across the United States! I remember growing up and seeing the Kansas Czech Queens and I always wanted to be just like them. I am so pleased that I was able to accomplish my goal and encourage other young girls to do the same.”

Anna hopes to inspire our youth, but who inspires Anna? Anna says, “I was inspired by my Grandma Janousek. She has taught me so much of what I know from her telling me stories, teaching me how to bake kolaches, and teaching me a few Czech phrases. I just wanted to make her proud.” Anna knows it takes a team to make a wonderful reign, “I am so excited to work with Danielle and Brittany this year! They are both wonderful girls and are so passionate about their heritage. I think we are going to make a great team!”​​