Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16
Meagan Kurmel
Ahoy! I cannot believe that it is already July! When I heard that this year would fly by I guess I was not prepared to just how quickly the moments and experiences as Miss Czech-Slovak US would go!

It has been quite a wild ride! Since my last update, I have attended many festivals, parades, and pageants, including; the La Vista Dayz Parade in La Vista, Nebraska; the Sugar Creek Slavic Festival in Sugar Creek, Missouri; the Miss Czech-Slovak Wisconsin Pageant in Phillips, Wisconsin where I had not only the honor but the challenge of judging and selecting the new Miss Czech-Slovak Wisconsin, Miss Abigail Kaliska. Miss Abi will compete in the 2017 Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant in Wilber, Nebraska. I attended the Miss Czech-Slovak Nebraska Pageant where the new Miss Czech-Slovak Nebraska was crowned, Miss Miranda Zitek. Miss Miranda will compete in the 2017 Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant in Wilber, Nebraska. During all of that I have been helping and coaching the young ladies whom are preparing to compete in August for Miss Czech-Slovak US!

I would like to invite you all to follow myself and the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant on Facebook. In addition to seeing the amazing places I have gone during my reign, you will also be able to "meet" the reigning court; myself, Gaby Salva, and Christina Hochla; and all of the contestants for the Miss Czech-Slovak US 2016-2017 pageant. We will be posting short get to know you videos that are a wonderful introduction to who you will meet in Wilber!

As my reign comes to a close as Miss Czech-Slovak US, I still have so much to do! In addition to preparing for the national pageant, I plan to attend the Miss Czech-Slovak Kansas Pageant in Wilson, Kansas and of course attend and participate in the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant in Wilber, Nebraska. This year, the Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant will crown their 30th Miss Czech-Slovak US! It is very exciting and we are happy to welcome a wonderful woman into the group of amazing ladies whom have blazed the way for us all to promote and preserve our heritage!

I have taken time to reflect on the experiences I have had since being involved as first Miss Czech-Slovak Omaha, then Miss Czech-Slovak Nebraska, and now Miss Czech-Slovak US. I have grown in so many ways. My public speaking skills and presentation have developed to become something that I can do with ease. My personal growth and management skills have been honed to be able to utilize time and resources to attend as many events that I can and still be present at the festivals, pageants, and parades. During my reign, I have come to realize how much of a positive impact I can have on the youth that are interested in carrying on our culture. Looking back to those who I met early in my journey, I can see their growth as they were princesses and are now queens and heading off to college or those whom I met as queens and are going out into the communities setting the love and passion for the heritage on fire for all those around them. I am overwhelmed by how much this experience has impacted me and am thankful for every moment.

The Miss Czech-Slovak US 2016-2017 pageant will be held the first full weekend in August. This year's dates are August 5th, 6th, and 7th. I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend and celebrate with us as we promote and preserve our wonderful culture and heritage! Sunday evening will be bittersweet for me as I give my farewell address and crown the next Miss Czech-Slovak US. It has been an amazing journey and life changing experience! I look forward to seeing you all there and sharing this with you.

Thank you! Děkuji!

Meagan Kurmel
Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-2016
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