Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16
Meagan Kurmel
As spring is swinging in, the festivals and pageants are beginning. I am very excited to look at my calendar of travel and see so many great opportunities! Beyond attending many pageants, I do have many festivals on my list that I am excited to attend. There are even some heritage celebrations I am planning on attending that are on the national level!

This past winter, I have been contacting individuals and working on planning events to attend. I have also had the opportunity to speak at a variety of organizations and am grateful to be able to spread my message of celebrating our culture and heritage to preserve it for future generations. I would love to speak at more meetings for organizations and am always looking for more opportunities.

I plan to continue my travel with the Minnesota Pageant, which will be held on April 9th, 2016 in Montgomery, Minnesota. ​The next weekend, I will be down south in Texas for the Texas Pageant, which is held just a little bit south of Houston, Texas in New Taiton, TX on April 16, 2016. These travels, of course, are just to name a few. I’m planning to keep my Facebook updated with where I have been and am going so you all can “Czech” it out.

I am excited to be working with the ladies that are preparing for the Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant held in Wilber, Nebraska this August. The ladies that have been selected so far are Ashley Pudil who will represent Iowa, Anna O’Renick who will represent Missouri, Melissa Klimowski who will represent Wisconsin, Madison Dangler who will represent South Dakota, Michaela Steager who will represent Nebraska, Lara Brockway who will represent Kansas, and Monica Holmes who will represent Oklahoma. Miss Czech-Slovak Minnesota 2015-2016 and Miss Czech-Slovak Texas 2015-2016 will be selected in April. These are a great group of representatives for our culture and heritage! I am ecstatic to see who will all join them in August.

I am still looking for ladies who would be interested in our At-Large Program! Contestants must be between the ages of 16-26, single and unwed female and of Czech, Slovak, or Silesian, Moravian, or Rusyn decent. Contestants must compete in all four competition categories. Contestants must be present for all three days of competition and comply with the official rules and regulations. If you are interested or know a young lady who would be great for this but may be looking for more information, please contact me. I am very willing to chat and answer any questions you may have!

Beyond the royal responsibilities and opportunities, I had a wonderful Easter with my family and friends, and have had time to catch up with family and friends prior to the rush and excitement of the festivals. Matthew and I are working hard planning our wedding and are looking forward to our big day!

So far this has been an exciting and rewarding experience! I am looking forward to all of the festivals and events and am always looking for more opportunities to meet more people who celebrate the Czech,Slovak, Silesian, Moravian, and Rusyn heritage.

Meagan Kurmel
Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-2016
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