Become a Contestant in the
Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant
General Guidelines

The Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant searches for young woman who love their heritage and want to promote the Czech and Slovak culture across the US. In reward for contestants’ passion and time, the pageant awards over $10,000 in cash scholarships.

Contestants must be between the ages of 16-26, single and unwed female and of Czech, Moravian, Slovak, Rusyn or Silesian descent. Contestants must compete in all for competition categories. Contestants must be present for all three days of competition and comply with the official rules and regulations.

The Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant is held the first weekend is August in Wilber, NE. At-large contestants must be approved by May 1 and all final pageant entries are due by June 1.

For complete rules and entry please see the Pageant Documents Page

Throughout the national pageant over 25 year history, we have proudly awarded scholarships to help support and preserve our Czech and Slovak culture. We shape the future through our passion and personality. Our national queens have continued on to have successful careers in the medical field, modeling, and social services to mention just a few.

If you are interested in competing in the only national Czech and Slovak pageant where an ethnic costume (kroj) is a must and personality reigns supreme please contact us on the Contact Us Page.
Pageant Competition Categories
Private Interview:

Each contestant competes in the private interview category. This is a 7 minute one-on-one with the judges. All contestants will recieve three standard questions after these first three questions, judges are free to ask any question. Below are a few examples of potential questions:

Examples of Historical Questions:
Who is the president of the Czech or Slovak Republic?
What was the Velvet Revolution?

Examples of Personality Questions:
These questions will be derived from the pageant entry form.
What Czech or Slovak activities are you involved in?
Describe your kroj.
Where is your ancestor from in the Czech or Slovak Republic?
I see you are interested in music, who is your favorite Czech or Slovak composer?

There is a wide range of potential questions - the above are just a few examples but questions can be anything the judges would like to ask.
Kroj Modeling:

The contestants are also judged on the modeling and presentation of a Czech or Slovak kroj. Krojs are traditional costumes worn by Czechs and Slovaks. There are two subcategories Authentic kroj and Americanized kroj.

Authentic kroj is a kroj that is a family heirloom or a recreation of authentic kroj. Authentic krojs should look like krojs brought over from the Czech and Slovak Republics. If you choose to create a recreation from a picture should look exactly like the picture.

An American kroj is a representation of Czech or Slovak heritage with an American twist. Americanized krojs do not need to have near authentic materials or colors, they allow contestants to express their heritage if an authentic kroj is not available.

Contestants model these kroj to a description created by the contestant. The description not only physically describes the kroj but gives the history and location of the kroj. For examples of a kroj description and ideas for kroj, please see the videos below.  (Left video is a sample of an authentic kroj and right video is a sample of an Americanized kroj.)
On-Stage Interview:

The On-Stage Interview category represents the ability of the contestants to "think on her feet." Each contestant randomly chooses three questions that she must instantly answer. The contestants will receive study topics but will never receive the actual question she will answer. The goal of this section is to determine the contestant that could best answer questions spontaneously infront of a crowd. Miss Czech Slovak US Queens meet with a variety of personalities from local and national festivals. They also meet Czech and Slovak dignitaries (Ambassadors, Presidents, Honorary Consuls, ect), and historians. Queens must be able to speak on a variety of topics.

The first question is an "Americanized" question. Here are a few examples of personality questions:
If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

The second question is a "Authentic" that specifically requires knowledge about the Czech or Slovak Republic. Here are a few examples of heritage questions:
If you could have dinner with any Czech or Slovak person who would it be and why?
If you could travel to any specific town in the Czech or Slovak Republics, where would it be and why?

The third question is a kroj question. ​​

(Below are some samples of the on stage interview.)
Talent :

The Talent competition allows the contestant to express herself through a personal talent. This talent can be an oration, poety, vocal solo, dance, instrumental solo, Sokol routine, the talent list is limitless. All talents must be 4 minutes or less.

All competitions, including the talent presentations, are presented at the Wilber Outdoor Theatre. The Theatre has a microphone system, including cordless microphone, CD player and piano. Contestants are expected to bring all materials needed for talent other than listed above electronics. Power point presentations are discouraged. Please contact the national pageant for any questions about
executing your talent.