Meet the Team
Our Mission: 
We strive to be the leading organization to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage, culture and traditions of Czech, Moravian, Silesian, and Slovaks in the United States. Through the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant, we empower young women to embrace their cultural identity, develop leadership skills, and serve as ambassadors who promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

The Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant is made possible because of the support and dedication of our volunteer Pageant Committee. Below are the members of the National Pageant Committee and their areas of responsibility. 

National Pageant Director - Alexandria Cerveny Sandall
Alexandria's unwavering love for her heritage ignited her journey as the National Pageant Director. With her family by her side, she grew up cherishing the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant. Now, she's thrilled to create extraordinary experiences for the next generation of cultural ambassadors. Alexandria leads fundraising efforts, collaborates with the Board of Directors and Wilber Czechs, and ensures the pageant weekend is nothing short of phenomenal.

Little Sister Coordinators - Brenda Cerveny and Ellie Cerveny
Brenda, a seasoned educator with over 30 years of experience, takes the reins of matching Little Sisters for each year's pageant. Witnessing the enthusiasm of young participants and their families brings her immense joy. Ellie, a dedicated kindergarten teacher, takes charge as the onsite Little Sister Coordinator. She's committed to crafting a meaningful and memorable pageant weekend experience. Together, Brenda and Ellie foster a sense of belonging and future cultural ambassadors among the Little Sisters. ​​

Stage Manager - ​Julia Ourecky
Julia's journey of representing her heritage began in her childhood, and now she ensures the pageant runs like a well-oiled machine as the talented stage manager. Her meticulous attention to detail guarantees a seamless and captivating event. Not only does she oversee the smooth flow of the pageant, but she also captures its magic from behind the camera, documenting every cherished moment of the weekend.​

Awards Specialist - Debbie Koslowski 
Debbie's love for the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant has been an integral part of her life since she became the US 1st Runner-Up in 2010. For the past decade, she has been a beacon of support as a pageant contestant mentor and stage director, assisting with logistics and preparations. Now, she embraces the opportunity to facilitate the pageant virtually, ensuring that every contestant feels empowered and celebrated.​

Onsite Lead - Emily Manning
From her early years, Emily privately immersed herself in Czech cultural traditions with her family. Her journey took her to the public realm as the Wilber Czech Queen and Miss Czech-Slovak Missouri. As the Miss Czech-Slovak US 2017-2018 1st Runner-Up, Emily relished the growth opportunity the pageant provided. Now, she returns to her home state, eager to support and guide other young girls on their own remarkable journeys.

Head of the Alumna Association - MaryElizabeth Lackey​
MaryElizabeth acts as guardian of the pageant’s rich legacy and a bridge between past and present. As the past National Pageant Director, her invaluable insights and guidance enrich the current committee's work. MaryElizabeth is a dedicated mentor and her extensive involvement makes her a true ambassador of tradition and excellence. MaryElizabeth serves as a bridge between the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant Alumnae and the present, creating avenues for greater engagement and connection.

​Chairwoman Emerita - Doris Ourecky
Doris, a true pioneer and co-founder of the pageant since 1987, continues to be an unwavering force. As an advisor and active member of the Miss Czech-Slovak US Board of Directors, her support and guidance have propelled the pageant to new heights. Doris's remarkable contributions have shaped the pageant's growth and fostered its enduring success.

The dedicated committee members of the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant bring boundless enthusiasm, expertise, and unwavering support to make every participant's journey unforgettable. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to them at, please include the topic in the subject line.