1999 Pageant
Andrea Kassick, Oklahoma
1st Runner Up
Paula Svaty, Kansas
2nd Runner Up
Mary Kostrubanic, Ohio
Nationality Talent
Mary Kostrubanic
English Talent
Anne Smisek, Minnesota
Authentic Kroj
Anna Balkova, Florida
Americanized Kroj
Andrea Kassick
Miss Congeniality
Jennifer Chleboun, Nebraska Heritage Queen

Andrea Kassik, Oklahoma, of Yukon, OK was crowned the 1999-00 Miss Czech-Slovak USA Queen. She will further her education at Central Oklahoma University with a goal of Interior Design and Business Management. She is the daughter of Sue and Tom Kassik. In addition to the national queen title, Andrea won the Americanized costume award. 1st Runner Up was Paula Svaty, Kansas Bohemian Belle. 2nd Runner Up was Mary Kostrubanic, OH who also won the National Talent award. Anna Balkova, Florida won the authentic costume award. Anne Smisek, Minnesota won the English Talent award. Jennifer Chleboun, Nebraska Heritage queen was chosen as Miss Congeniality.

1999 was the first year for two Talent Categories and two Costume Categories. This was the first year the contestants stay at the Historic Wilber Hotel. This was the first year contestants wore state crowns at the national competition.


Dianne Feguson - Nebraska

Peter Reinkordt - Nebraska

Gene Aksamit - Minnesota

Barbara Koeser - Ohio

Brandy Beekley, Nebraska Czech Queen
MaryElizabeth Kasper, Kansas Czech Queen
Zuzi Krizek, Illinois
Jessica Martin, Oklahoma
Sonia Riecan, Wisconsin
Mary Smolka, Michigan
Sarah Stempien, Pennsylvania
Above: 1999 Miss Czech-Slovak U.S.A. Andrea Kassick gets a hug from 1998 Miss Czech-Slovak USA Marisa Schleis

Right: 1999 Contestants

Below: 1999 Contestants and Little Sisters​​​