1987 Pageant
Annette Vanek, Nebraska
1st Runner Up
Kelly Rubes, Texas
2nd Runner Up
Luanne Baxa, Kansas
Reba Perrin, Oklahoma

Above: 1987 Contestants

Right: 1987 1st Runner Up, Kelly Rubes (TX) and National Czech Queen, Annette Vanek (NE)
Below: Oklahoma Queen Arriving in a Limo​
Annette Vanek, Nebraska Czech Queen, of Malmo, Nebraska was crowned the 1987 National Czech Queen. Annette attends the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. She is studying vocal and instrumental music and her goals are to teach vocal or instrumental music. She is the daughter of Edward and Rose Vanek. With the title Annette received a $400 US Savings Bond, crown, trophy and flowers. Kelly Ann Rubes of Austin, TX was crowned 1st Runner Up and received a $200 US Savings Bond and trophy.

The first pageant was modest but a wonderful beginning. The pageant was held on a mobile stage on the east side of the Wilber Courthouse. The pageant was held in one night, Sunday. Award expenses came from John Fiala, Doris Ourecky, Annie Salda, Lisa Karpisek, and Laverne Vavak.